NYC Public Art

BCS Community Mural. Brooklyn, NY. 2023

Community Mural in Brooklyn Community Services of Sunset Park in collaboration with Pratt Institute. The mural depicts Brooklyn and folk art and nature from diffferent cultures of people that receive services in the center.

Brooklyn Community Services Community Mural. 8' x 20'

Community Paint Day

Fabric of Life Community Mural. Brooklyn, NY. 2023

Community Mural celebrating Folk Art of different cultures and ansestries of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Sponsored by a grant from Brooklyn Arts Council

List of included folk art/cultures: Polish Papercut (Wycinanki), Peru (Quechua Textile), Congo Kuba Cloth, Ewe Cloth (Togo, West Africa), Miao (Southern China) and Hmong (Southeast Asia) embroidery, Bangladesh Uttara Embroidery, Severodvinsk painting (Northern Russia), Korhogo Cloth (Senufe culture, Ivory Coast), Lenape beadwork (Delaware Nation), Sweden Dala Horse, Ghana Kente Cloth, Nepal Dhaka hat pattern and Buddha Eyes, Ukraine Petrykivka Painting, Otomi Embroidery Central Mexico, Mayan Embroidery (Mexico/Guatemala), Ashkenazi Mizrah Papercut, Persian Lion and Sun ceramic, Middle East, North Africa Tile Pattern, Sindhi Mirror Work Embroidery (India and Pakistan), Italy Ceramic, Haitian Cloth, Korean Chasu Embroidery, Irish Celtic Knot

Wall of Namaste Brooklyn. 95" x 142"

Sealing the mural

Fragments of folk art pieces from 23 cultures

Wall of Namaste Brooklyn. 95" x 142"

Cosmic Deer (Venados Celestiales). Uma Nojoch Keej, Nuevo Durango, Mexico. 2023

Mural in an indigenous community nature preservation project in Yucatan, Mexico.

Education Center in Uma Nojoch Keej

Uma Nojoch Keej Family

Musica Latina, Tropical Summer in NYC, Healthcare Heroes. Dyckman Clinica de las America. New York, NY. 2021

Over 200 square feet of community - engaged murals created for Arts in Medicine Program by the NYC + Health and Hospitals

Entrance Wall. Musica Latina. 118" x 89"

Tropical Summer in NYC. Patient Area. 68" x 154"

Healthcare Heroes. Staff Area. 60" x 108"

Mural Unveiling

New Beginning, Domestic Violence Shelter. Bronx, NY. 2021

240 square feet community - engaged mural created as a part of EmPWR Project in collaboration with Art Bridge. The Mural contains representation of the Phoenix as a symbol for revival and starting a new life of healing and power.

Mural Design Painted. 240 square feet

The mural was painted in 7 pieces on polytab

Painting process

Mural Installed

Four Graces, Uchma, Russia. 2021

Community Glass Mosaics work in collaboration with Maria's Children Organization, adults with developmental needs, and survivors of terrorist attacks. Faces painted in acrylic - are exact portraits of most dedicated participants.

Four Graces. Glass mosaic. 60"x 60"

Community mosaics process

Let's Move! A set of interactive murals with a theme of movement in River East Elementary School in East Harlem. 2020

Painted in Collaboration with ArtBridge. Murals contain 21 objects (balls, stars, hoops) 7 each in different colors of the rainbow. Kids can play a game by running from one wall to the next finding objects in the correct ROYGBIV order.

Front wall


Smaller wall oposite the radiators

Front Wall

Ascension. Two murals on the facade of the Police Ahletic League in Harlem. 2017

Painted for Creative Art Works with 18 youth apprentices (ages 14 - 21). Murals promote youth empowerment through education.

Mural on Manhattan Ave (10' x 40')

Far Left Fragment

Center Fragment with Youth Apprentices

Far Right Fragment

Diagonal Wall (10'x10')

Diagonal Wall with Youth Apprentices

Global Learning. Murals in the stairwell of the Global Learning Collaborative High School in Manhattan. 2018

Painted for Creative Art Works with high school students. The murals celebrate learning through diversity, travel, and cultural exploration.

Third Floor Mural (about 160 square feet)

Third Floor Fragment

Fourth Floor Mural (about 160 square feet)

Fourth Floor Fragment

New York Night Star. Mural in the hallway of Hamilton Grange Middle school in Harlem. 2017

Painted with middle school students in collaboration with Creative Art Works. The mural celebrates Dominican - American culture in Harlem

New York Night Star. Fragment with youth apprentices.

New York Night Star. (5' x 36')

Mosaic piece for the facade of the Philippa Schuyler Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. 2018

Glass tiles on 3 concrete panels. Created with middle school students in partnership with BRIC Contemporary Arts.

Full view of the school entrance

Mosaic Panels (90" x 15")